5 Marijuana-Friendly Vacation Destinations You Have to Visit

Traveling has never been so care-free for the wanderlusting cannabis enthusiast.
You could smoke a blunt in Jamaica, get your medical card in Venice Beach, visit acoffee shop in Amsterdam, or book a Bud & Breakfast in Colorado. But, where else should a wanderlusting cannabis enthusiast journey? Kick back, relax, and check your paranoia at the gate; the days of hiding your stash in unmentionable places while sweating your way through security are over. You can travel easy, knowing a selection of sweet cheeba will be waiting for you upon arrival at these five, fun-filled, canna-friendly vacation spots. Bon voyage!

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Tenerife, the largest Canary Island off the coast of Spain and West Africa, boasts beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather year-round, delicious cuisine, classy resorts, and around 50 cannabis social clubs (CSC) showcasing locally-grown cannabis, Moroccan hash, and a lovely selection of locally-produced concentrates. Operating in a legal grey area, tourists may encounter problems gaining access to a CSC. If that’s the case, buddy up with a local in advance for a fuss-free experience. And remember to keep it on the down low to avoid any run-ins with the law. Those in the know recommend visiting in September for optimal weather and reasonable prices. Smoke up and enjoy a cable car ride to the summit of Spain’s highest mountain, Mount Teide, swim in the lava rock pools in Garachico, hike the ancient forests of the Anaga Mountains, and admire the eclectic architecture of La Laguna. After some time on the beach, head over to the mainland and visit Barcelona, a city often referred to as “the new Amsterdam.”

Seattle, Washington

Whether you’re using Seattle as a jump-off point to explore everything mother nature has to offer or you’re invested in seeing just what makes the Emerald City tick, you’ll genuinely enjoy the journey. Known for rain, coffee, Hemp Fest, and the birthplace of flannel-clad grunge bands, Seattle has a booming tech industry, exciting music scene, and coffee houses on most corners. Dispensaries are plentiful. Spots such as Ganja Goddess, Herban Legends, and The Green Door offer a wide variety of cannabis products, from edibles to concentrates and everything in between. Once you’re feeling lifted, check out the view from the Space Needle, watch vendors toss fish at Pike Place Market, whale-watch in the San Juan Islands, or set out on a hiking adventure through the rainforest in Olympic National Park.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is an artsy city with a bohemian vibe. Admire the city’s art deco architecture, waterfront promenade, elegant theaters, and colonial homes. Grab a bite at one of the many local steakhouses. Walk to museums, restaurants, galleries and clubs, or take a bus to the pristine white sand beaches. Plus, Uruguay is the only country in the world that’s fully legalized recreational cannabis! As they work on the infrastructure of the proposed dispensary network, locals are cultivating their own plants. And while it’s illegal for non-citizens to buy cannabis, it’s legal to consume it—even in public. Luckily, the people here are quite friendly and willing to share. If you’re too shy to ask a stranger, take a marijuana tour, where you’ll learn more about the history of legalization, visit grow shops, and discover breathtaking views while tasting local flower. One tour even takes you to the steps of national parliament, so you can blaze up where the historic law was signed.

Oregon Coast Trail, Oregon

Expansive ocean views, intriguing rock formations, breathtaking sunsets, and sandy beaches draw many nature lovers to the Oregon Coast Trail. From the Columbia River to the border of California, enjoy 382 miles of hiking trails. You may even bike or ride horses through various sections, but carry a current tide table and map with topographic information, as some areas are only passable during low tide. Oregon has chosen to create rustic and free camping areas for everyone to enjoy, so you’ll be able to stay at established campgrounds or find a stretch of secluded beach that speaks to you. For those who want next-level excitement, visit the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and rent a buggy to explore the 40 miles between Florence and Coos Bay, where sand dunes tower up to 500 feet above sea level. With plenty of dispensaries dotting the coastline, like Oregon Coast Dispensary and Sweet Relief Dispensary, and over 100 shops in nearby Portland, you’ll have a wide variety of flower, edibles, and topicals to choose from while exploring.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the aurora borealis, buzzed, from the comfort of an invigorating hot spring in the great outdoors. It’s what stoner dreams are made of, after all. Simply choose a date between Aug. 20 and April 20—when the weather is mild, the skies are clear, and the displays are frequent. Reserve a room at Chena Hot Springs Resort. Fly into Anchorage. Apply online, or in-person, to become a member of the Alaska Cannabis Club (even though cannabis is legal, shops aren't quite ready for business yet—this will be the only way for you to purchase flower legally). Next, stock up on supplies and arrange for transportation to take you to and from Fairbanks, home to the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska and the best place to see the Northern Lights in the United States. It’s a six-hour trek, so pack some snacks.

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