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Adire – A cotton fabric that has been resist-dyed using indigo. The textile takes on a look similar to batik or shibori fabrics. (read more about Adire fabric)

Aloe Vera Fabric – A fabric infused with thousands of aloe vera “capsules.” These capsules are microscopic, airtight and waterproof. They open to release the gel only when the fabric is touched or rubbed. Essentially, every time an infused garment is worn, the aloe is applied to the skin. It is naturally anti-bacterial and combats body odor. (read more about aloe vera fabric)

Ayurvastra Fabrics – Natural, organic yarns are dyed by hand using plants that contain medicinal properties. The dye bath infuses the fibers with the lovely natural colors of these plants, along with their healing components. The yarns are then woven into fabric, and made into clothing or bedding. (read more about ayurvastra fabrics)