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Gabardine – A tightly woven, twilled, worsted fabric with a slight diagonal line on the right side. Wool gabardine is known as a year-round fabric for business suiting. Polyester, cotton, rayon, and various blends are also used in making gabardine.

Gauze – A thin, sheer plain-weave fabric made from cotton, wool, silk, rayon, or other manufactured fibers. End-uses include curtains, apparel, trimmings, and surgical dressings.

Gazar – A silk or wool fabric with crisp hand and flat, smooth texture. Plain weave with high-twist double yarns interlaced as one.

Georgette – A sheer lightweight fabric, often made of silk or from such manufactured fibers as polyester, with a crepe surface. End-uses include dresses and blouses.

Gingham – A medium weight, plain weave fabric with a plaid or check pattern. End-uses include dresses, shirts, and curtains.

GORE-TEX®– GORE-TEX fabrics are created by laminating GORE-TEX membranes to high-performance textiles, then sealing them with an innovative solution for guaranteed waterproof protection. GORE-TEX is designed to be durably waterproof, windproof, and breathable and maintain its performance for the life of the end product. GORE-TEX is best known for its use in protective, yet breathable, rainwear fabrics.

Gossamer – Gossamer is a very light, sheer, gauze-like fabric, popular for white wedding dresses and decorations.

Greige Goods – The state of a fabric as it comes from the loom or knitting machine (after it has been constructed) but before it has been colored, finished or processed.