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Habutai – Soft, lightweight silk dress fabric originally woven in the gum on hand looms in Japan. It is sometimes confused with China silk, which is technically lighter in weight.

Heather – A yarn that is spun using pre-dyed fibers. These fibers are blended together to give a particular look. (For example, black and white may be blended together to create a grey heathered yarn.) The term, heather, may also be used to describe the fabric made from heathered yarns.

Herringbone – A fabric in which the pattern of weave resembles the skeletal structure of the herring. lt is a twill weave in which the wale runs in one direction for a few rows and then re verses, forming a “V” pattern. lt is made with a broken twill weave that produces a balanced, zigzag effect and is used for sportswear, suits, and coats.

Hopsack – Popular suiting fabric made from a 2-and-2 or a 3-and-3 basket weave. Generally appear as small squares. A coarse, open woven fabric which got its name from the plain weave fabric used for sacking in which hops were gathered. The hopsack weave is found in silk, cotton, wool, linen, rayon, hemp, and jute.

Houndstooth – A variation on the twill weave construction in which a broken check effect is produced by a variation in the pattern of interlacing yarns, utilizing at least two different colored yarns.