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Union Cloth – A traditional name for fabric made from two or more different fibers, such as a fabric woven with a wool worsted warp and a cotton filling. The term “union cloth” was used primarily when this fabric was used for underwear, perhaps because a union suit was another name for shoulder-to-ankle, one-piece underwear.

Ultrasuede® – Ultrasuede is world’s first ultra-microfiber. Ultrasuede feels like natural suede, but it is resistant to stains and discoloration; it can be machine-washed; and because it is a non-woven fabric, it cannot pull or fray. It also ages better than real suede, is stain resistant and is animal friendly. The fabric is multifunctional: it is used in fashion, interior decorating, automotive and other vehicle upholstery, and industrial applications, such as protective fabric for electronic equipment.