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Waffle – A fabric with a characteristic honeycomb weave. When made in cotton it is called waffle pique. It is used for coatings, draperies, dresses, and toweling.

Washed – Refers to fabrics that have been laundered before shipping. This may be done to reduce shrinkage, soften the hand, wash down the color or to give the fabric a used, laundered look.

Waxed Canvas – Canvas that has been treated with wax, the purpose of which is to create a water-resistant textile. (read more about waxed canvas)

Whipcord – A woven fabric with a very steep and compacted twill appearance on the face of the goods. End-uses for the fabric include dress woolens, worsteds, or wool blends, and many types of uniforms.

Worsted – A tightly woven fabric made by using only long staple, combed wool or wool-blend yarns. The fabric has a hard, smooth surface. Gabardine is an example of a worsted fabric. A common end use is men’s tailored suits.

Worsterlon® – Worsterlon is a polyester flannel fabric that is washable and wrinkle free. It has the look and feel of wool without the maintenance and care. It is ideal for anyone allergic to wool. Proven in climates around the world, this fabric is worn by outdoor enthusiasts and travelers who demand durable clothing.