Vendor Application

We're a new company called Eco-Kouture/Gear X. We sell ethical/sustainable fashion and lifestyle products
under the EcoKouture brand and  street wear/exotic wear/smart wear and gear under the Gear-X brand.
Our mission is to present high-quality truly artisan designs at affordable price-points.
Our vision is to create a robust fashion boutique that embraces
the Oneness of all humanity and celebrates the genius of diverse cultures.
We have assembled an outstanding team of multi-national marketing experts 
to make this vision a reality over the next 12-18 months.
Key features:
  • We will...
  • Market and present your items on a global scale.
  • Seek out iconic influencers to wear and promote your designs.
  • Pay your royalties directly into your bank account or via PayPal on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Feature your products on the appropriate social media platforms that reach your ideal demographic.
We will negotiate with any vendor who  meets our quality and creative standards.
Presently, we will provide free special marketing packages for the first 25 vendors to sign
on to the EcoKouture/Gear X platform.
Go here to view our comprehensive contract (downloadable link) and become a part of this
exciting venture.
Write us here for more information: