Omni Gym Spring Trapeze - Add Bounce and 360 Swivel To Your Yoga Swing and Suspension Training Routine

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Brand: Omni Gym


  • Attributes: Weight limit 300lbs. Swivel 360 degree spin, Easy Set Up. *NOTE: Purple Stretchy Swing Not Included.*
  • Use as Accessory: Great for adding a gentle bounce to your Omni Swing, Stretchy Swing, or hanging chair. Great for yoga swing beginners and aerial pros alike.
  • Use Alone: Use as a simple pull up bar to maximize upper body strength or simply hang from the pull up bar and allow the gentle bounce to alleviate spinal compression and back pain. Very easy and effective.
  • Fun: Kid friendly and people of all ages will enjoy it!
  • Professional Quality: designed a physical therapist, specializing in neck and back care, to give you the tools you need to help heal and strength your body or take your yoga to the next level. 

Publisher: Omni Gym

Details: Add some spring to your aerial yoga practice or therapy with the Spring Trapeze! Designed for exceptional comfort! The trapeze includes three springs which add a gentle bounce to your swing, and a swivel that allows for 360° spins. Also, it includes a 17" multi-function 4-Ring Trapeze Bar, which makes pull-ups and single and two-point suspension a piece of cake!
Kids and persons under 135 lbs may unhook middle spring for a greater bounce.

Package includes:
1. Hooks - 6 Safety Clip Hooks, and one U-Hook.
2. Heavy Duty Extension Springs - Contains 3.
3. Pull Up Bar - the 4-Ring Trapeze Bar comes with comfort foam hand grips.
4. Fail Safe Stainless Steel Swivel Unit - allows 360° of spin.
5. Spring Cover - The perfect cover for a seamless finish.

NOTE: Does NOT include purple stretchy swing pictured.

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Package Dimensions: 17.3 x 6.8 x 2.5 inches